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About Men In Action

Men In Action was established in Sydney, Australia in 2009 by Tim & Kerrie Sheaves.

The original project of Men In Action was to create ways to help churches of any denomination engage with their men to build real community and relationships.

As part of that work the M.I.A. volunteer team operated a test lab in North Western Sydney to determine practically what worked and didn’t when trying to get men to engage with each other.

The concept of Bring A Mate interest groups was developed, and it was quickly recognised by the M.I.A. team that Australian men of all backgrounds, religious or non-religious struggled with developing real mateships, and investing time in relationship building activities and stress management reducing hobbies.

We also realised that the Bring A Mate interest group concept worked and was a key to preventing mental health issues amongst men and the negative behaviours that come from poor stress management.

The Bring A Mate project was established by Men In Action officially in September 2010, and grew in participants by 300% in 2 years. Hundreds of Men of all ages and walks of life now participate in M.I.A. interest groups and practice bringing their mates along to fun and positive activities for guys in their local area.

Today Men In Action run two projects:

  1. The Men’s Ministry Leader Support program
  2. The Bring A Mate project

Men In Action is at its heart is about training, equipping and empowering men to be both positive leaders, mates and servants in their local communities, homes and churches. Through these two projects we see that happening every day in men’s lives and by extension their families and friends lives.

To find out more about our projects click on the project links below.